About Palm Harbor Medical

Nearly a quarter century of distribution …

Millions of devices delivered safely to surgical suites …

No adverse consequences on the field …



Palm Harbor Medical is solving the world’s biggest healthcare cost challenges with innovative pricing discounts and tackling your supply chain’s most urgent needs.

If you are a large nationwide surgical group, a small group of regional facilities or an independent surgical facility we have pricing programs designed to save you money now.


Reimagining Saving Money Without Compromising Patient Outcomes


We deliver brand name surgical disposables to some of the largest supply chains in the
United States and have become a trusted vendor to thousands of surgical facilities.  We
help supply chains and their surgeons reach “common ground” while preserving contract
pricing and saving the facility thousands annually.

We stock devices from over 50 brand name manufacturers.  Simply type in any OEM part
number in our search bar above to start shopping.  Talk to our knowledgeable
professionals about our unique programs that can be tailored to your facility or group for
even larger discounts.  Simply call us at (800) 301-5376.